Live Casino Games

How to Play Live Casino Games

Live casino games are what every online casino wants to offer to their gaming community. It is an experience of playing on a real casino table with a real dealer, without having to leave your house. However, there is more investment required for opening a live casino compared to video games. Every live casino game will need a new table and a dealer. The casino operator has to spend on space, table, and dealer’s salary every time they plan on adding another game. This is why live casinos are still not available with every online casino operator and offer only limited seats for players. Here are some things to know when you are planning to play live casino games.

Live games are similar to the brick and mortar games and do not have any extra features that you can find in video games.

You will be connected to a real table with a real dealer through a webcam and a microphone. This also assures that all the players at the tables are real and not made up by the game when players are unavailable.

Casino Games

The standard rules of the games in brick and mortar casinos apply to the live games. There might be no time limits on games like poker, but the dealer may remind you to make decisions.

Casinos offer only table games at live gaming for now. The slot machines that are digitally operated use the same software for online gaming as they use for the real machines. It makes no difference if you play at a live machine when all you have to do is pull the lever. Table games can, however, have so many things different when played live. You have a better chance of the game being played fair as the dealer shuffles and gives the cards manually.

Some games that you can play at live casino tables include:


Blackjack is a recently introduced game on online casinos. It is a game of luck and skills that makes it people’s favorite. In the game, you need to compete against the dealer by getting a hand that totals for more than the dealer’s hand. At any point, if your hand crosses a total of 21, you lose instantly. The bets are placed before the cards are dealt.



Poker is the most played live casino game where you play against other players, and the person with the best five-card combination wins the game. The cards dealt by the dealer, and each one gets two cards (only in Hold’em poker). Now the dealer will reveal five cards on the table that are revealed in 3 rounds called flop (first three cards), turn (fourth card), and river (fifth card). In each round, the players can raise and call the bets based on their best possible combination calculation.