Decoding Craps Pro Secrets of Fours and Tens

The secrets of fours and tens have always managed to leave people puzzled and confused as they try to figure out what it means and what it stands to project. Due to that, one needs to follow the right cues and get hold of the same because such aspects of knowledge can help you out. So to begin that process, we are going to decode all that needs to be done for the same.

Better Odds than 6 & 8

Achieving better odds and making matters more favorable stands to be the ideal way through which pros make stuff happen. Their mind is devoted towards winning, and they try to make it all count for the best. As a result, let us begin by accessing the secret that craps experts use to get better odds than just what 6 and 8 have to offer.

Out of the 36 rolls, the four and ten combinations should roll around six times and the same amount as the seven. So by betting $25 on both the four and ten, you should win six times and also lose six times. Due to that, it will sum up to a net loss of $30. But that alone cannot let matters proceed because there are specific points that come along the way.

The aspect of the commission comes into the picture, and thus the four and the ten can be brought for a 5% commission. But to make matters interesting, certain casinos only charge this figure if you win. So on a bet amounting to $25, the commission is $1, and true odds need to be 2:1. This also relates to the point that if you purchase four and ten and stand a chance to win either number, you will be rewarded with $50 rather than $45.

Due to that, 4 and 10 projects better figures than the results from placing 6 and 8. So by going ahead with 4 & 10, you will be opening the door to win around six times if either of them gets a hit. But that does not eliminate the chances of a loss because things might end up in different directions.

Pro Secrets

Lower Risks

The 4 and 10 options bring lower risks as the results amount to a different form of outcome. Due to that, more craps shooters are trying it out, and casinos that charge vig on winning bets are the ones that are highly targeted. So leave aside the notion that you have towards 6 and 8 because better options are right in front of you. Hence, that sums up the secrets with 4 and 10, and all that you need to know about the same.