What is it is like to earn a living by playing poker?

Poker is one of the most popular games on the list of the top played games in a casino. An overwhelming amount of people play poker on a daily basis- some novices and other professionals. We’re sure at least the idea of considering poker as a profession and playing the game for a living, would have crossed some of your minds.

But, in reality this actually is happening, and not just a fallacy. There exist professional poker players who make money for a living, by playing poker. Some dig deep inside the intriguing tactics to unveil this fantastic game. In this article, we will discuss what it feels like to earn a living by playing poker!

The idea behind the gameplay

Nobody is born a professional poker player. It takes extreme amounts of time, dedication and efforts after cutting your teeth to reach a professional level and start earning from the game. Hence, poker players are always indulged in reading strategy books and watching professional poker matches on channels like ESPN.

Updating with the latest strategies and skills is of utmost importance because there are other professionals out there that are crunching numbers to succeed to the top. Professional poker players are constantly adapting themselves to the strategies and the different methods to win at the poker table.


The struggle

After several hours of grinding and depositing $100 every hand, professional players finally get a chance to win. Despite their expert knowledge and extended skills compared to novices, there exists times when they still cannot make much money, and get entangled in a losing streak. Most time professional players start planning hands and strategize against their opponents, however, often they tend to pan out.

Despite the entire struggle, the real win is learning the strategies and also learning from your mistakes. They take it as an opportunity to get better at the strategies and situations that once left them alarmed. By doing, So, they not know increase their skill set, but they also grow expertise in particular strategies. Eventually, every professional poker players’ hard work pays off as they start gaining confidence and show progress.

Essential skills

Apart from practicing alone, there are some essential skills that are required to earn a living playing poker. They are:

  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Few months of experience in the intermediate and the beginner level
  • Lots of practice on online poker channels
  • Hours of dedication and efforts to work on new strategies


Earning a living by playing gambling games like poker is not a cake walk. But, this does not mean it’s impossible. There exist a few world champions that have started with nothing and have reached the top-level in the industry, by playing professional poker. Therefore, it is not impossible to earn money while playing poker, but cause of concern for bankruptcy is high in the field. Working on relevant skills and other important aspect is the best bet to ace the chase.