PC games

The Best PC Games for 2020

PC games have gained immense popularity in the recent years, and definitely for all the good reason. Mobile gaming is definitely at the top of its game, like always, but the thrill of playing on a console is unbeatable. 2020, is the year for the spread of corona virus and almost the entire world has stayed indoors for half a year. This has changed the gaming dynamics and the list of the best PC games has been reshuffled.

In this article, let’s find out the best PC games for 2020.

Adventures of Pip

It is an excellent action game that is produced by the Tic Toc Games’ Adventures. It comprises the pixel bits of 1 to 16 bit and toggles between them. This game consists of rich environments, with a unique premise and fun gameplay. Despite the defined course of its weapons, power-ups and other features, it is still considered the best PC game of 2020.

Adventures of Pip

Batman Arkham City

This is the extended version of the game Batman: Arkham Asylum. It is developed by the RockSteady Studios and most of the game’s features are borrowed from the Batman: Arkham Asylum. It consists of thrilling features and an excellent voice acting. However, the major drawback is that the innovation has been highly diminished due to its copied features from the Asylum. Despite the few drawbacks, it is still considered as one of the best PC games in 2020.

Blazing Chrome

It is developed by JoyMash and is considered as one of the best run and gun shooter games. The game comprises of a lot of interesting features like the robot apocalypse, and a world with terminators. The game also is enriched with fulfilled features to obliterate the mechanical enemies. The game consists of roughly six stages, where the player can experience explosions and some multiplayer thrilling actions. Although the game does not really hold all the interesting features, it still manages to stay on top of our list of the best games.

Blazing Chrome


This game is developed from the Contra series and is one of the charming running and shooting games in the channels of Konami’s iconic series. This game also takes inspiration from the rubber-hose style of animations that were famous during the 19’s era of cartoons. The Contra series is famous for their faced-paced gameplay and anyone who loves these games will definitely fall in love with Cuphead. It consists of the protagonist and his brother named Mugman, who are on the hunt to fight against their bosses and complete their quest. This is an extremely simple game as it does not follow the expensive features and designs, however they’re famous or their action games and their brief complexity. The boss fights are also compared to the alien solders’ boss fighting games.

Table games

Top 5 Casino Table Games

No matter how many games are introduced on the casino, table games will never go out of style. They’re the traditional, sophisticated games that are loved by the armatures as well as professionals. While some gain inspiration from movies like Blackjack 21 and others, the others gain their knowledge by the trial, and error methods. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 casino table games that are worth a try.


It is one of the most popular table games which originated in Italy in the 15th century. Before it gained popularity in Italy, the game was introduced in Cuba in 1940, where it was named Punto Banco. It involves bet placed on dealers at the table. This is a card game that comprises simple and straightforward rules. You can bet on three hands:

  • The players’ hand
  • Dealers hand
  • Tie or bet on all three of them at once.

You claim a win when you predict the best hand which is the one closest to 9 or tie. The game is as simple as that. It is often played in a separate room inside the casino, to exclude the group from the chaos.


Three Card Poker

Beginner poker players might not have heard of this game, but is hugely popular among the seasoned players. It is a game which consists of great odds, and also offer many side bets. This game was invented in the 1990s, but not many people are aware of the greatness of this straightforward game. Players often play against other players, and place ante bets, and almost every casino consists of three card poker tables.


This game is originally available in two or three different versions and was developed in the 18th century in France. Eventually, the game moved to the United States and gained immense popularity. Roulette is considered the most unique of all the other table games. The only difference between the American and the European Roulette is the presence of an extra 0 that drastically changes the odds of the game.



This table game is the most popular among all the other table games in casino and is believed to have originated in the 18th century in France. Thanks to the games’ simple rules and gameplay that has immensely increased the games popularity in a short time span. Blackjack 21 follows simple game rules and it is played against the players and not the house. This gives an advantage of having a lower house edge of almost 0.5% to 2.5%. The online version of the game was also equally popular.


This is the only dice game on the list, as opposed to other card games present. Despite being developed in the 18th century, the game still, holds equal popularity. Many of them consider the craps table to be the most exciting tables games in the casino. Although it is deceptive of a complicated game and gameplay, it is still considered as one of the easiest games on the floor with the best odds.


What is it is like to earn a living by playing poker?

Poker is one of the most popular games on the list of the top played games in a casino. An overwhelming amount of people play poker on a daily basis- some novices and other professionals. We’re sure at least the idea of considering poker as a profession and playing the game for a living, would have crossed some of your minds.

But, in reality this actually is happening, and not just a fallacy. There exist professional poker players who make money for a living, by playing poker. Some dig deep inside the intriguing tactics to unveil this fantastic game. In this article, we will discuss what it feels like to earn a living by playing poker!

The idea behind the gameplay

Nobody is born a professional poker player. It takes extreme amounts of time, dedication and efforts after cutting your teeth to reach a professional level and start earning from the game. Hence, poker players are always indulged in reading strategy books and watching professional poker matches on channels like ESPN.

Updating with the latest strategies and skills is of utmost importance because there are other professionals out there that are crunching numbers to succeed to the top. Professional poker players are constantly adapting themselves to the strategies and the different methods to win at the poker table.


The struggle

After several hours of grinding and depositing $100 every hand, professional players finally get a chance to win. Despite their expert knowledge and extended skills compared to novices, there exists times when they still cannot make much money, and get entangled in a losing streak. Most time professional players start planning hands and strategize against their opponents, however, often they tend to pan out.

Despite the entire struggle, the real win is learning the strategies and also learning from your mistakes. They take it as an opportunity to get better at the strategies and situations that once left them alarmed. By doing, So, they not know increase their skill set, but they also grow expertise in particular strategies. Eventually, every professional poker players’ hard work pays off as they start gaining confidence and show progress.

Essential skills

Apart from practicing alone, there are some essential skills that are required to earn a living playing poker. They are:

  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity
  • Few months of experience in the intermediate and the beginner level
  • Lots of practice on online poker channels
  • Hours of dedication and efforts to work on new strategies


Earning a living by playing gambling games like poker is not a cake walk. But, this does not mean it’s impossible. There exist a few world champions that have started with nothing and have reached the top-level in the industry, by playing professional poker. Therefore, it is not impossible to earn money while playing poker, but cause of concern for bankruptcy is high in the field. Working on relevant skills and other important aspect is the best bet to ace the chase.

Slot Games

8 Best Slot Games on Android

Slot games are the most trending casino games around the world today. A new slot game is being released every month somewhere around the world, offering players more options to have fun winning jackpots. When you are planning to download a new slot game app on your Android device, be sure to check out this list of mobile slot games.

616 Digital Slots

Enjoy a vast collection of unique slot games available in a single app. Enjoy free-to-play games that get frequent updates for new features and themes. A variety of games are enough to keep you entertained for hours.

616 Digital Slots

Zynga slots

This platform offered by one of the mobile casino game pioneers offers plenty of free-to-play games that will keep you immersed in 3D slot games for hours. Try out different games and enjoy the themes and special features for as long as you want.

Super lucky casino

Choose from a wide variety of slots along with other casino games on one platform. There are over a dozen uniquely designed games with several daily prizes to keep you playing. You can also take part in events and tournaments to check your progress as a gamer.

Super lucky casino

Rocket speed casino slots

Rocket speed offers a variety of slot games that are based on the traditional fruit machines as well as the modern video slots. You can find slots with many of your favorite TV characters. The games are free to play, and most of the time, do not require an internet connection, so you can play them while you are offline.

Playtika slot games

Another popular casino game developer who also has made the World Series of Poker app, Playtika, offers a variety of slot games to gamers.  The games on this app are more realistic and may not offer you wins as fast as other apps, but that is also what makes this game interesting to try out.

playtika slot games

Pharaoh’s way slots

Pharaoh’s way slots are one of the most played games available on app stores. It offers plenty of features and a variety of slot games that can keep you entertained. You can explore a variety of games with up to 50 pay lines.


Huuuge Global is known to offer plenty of unique slot games that are free to play and have plenty of special features and bonuses to provide faster wins. The games require coins to play, which will run out after some time. But you will always receive a fresh set of coins every day to start playing again.

Hana Slot games

Hana offers several basic slot games with simple mechanics that can also act like widgets on your device. But you have to try out the unique themes that Hana slots have to offer from the Greek gods to the epics of Aladdin. The games are easy to learn and quite fun to spend an evening alone.

Live Casino Games

How to Play Live Casino Games

Live casino games are what every online casino wants to offer to their gaming community. It is an experience of playing on a real casino table with a real dealer, without having to leave your house. However, there is more investment required for opening a live casino compared to video games. Every live casino game will need a new table and a dealer. The casino operator has to spend on space, table, and dealer’s salary every time they plan on adding another game. This is why live casinos are still not available with every online casino operator and offer only limited seats for players. Here are some things to know when you are planning to play live casino games.

Live games are similar to the brick and mortar games and do not have any extra features that you can find in video games.

You will be connected to a real table with a real dealer through a webcam and a microphone. This also assures that all the players at the tables are real and not made up by the game when players are unavailable.

Casino Games

The standard rules of the games in brick and mortar casinos apply to the live games. There might be no time limits on games like poker, but the dealer may remind you to make decisions.

Casinos offer only table games at live gaming for now. The slot machines that are digitally operated use the same software for online gaming as they use for the real machines. It makes no difference if you play at a live machine when all you have to do is pull the lever. Table games can, however, have so many things different when played live. You have a better chance of the game being played fair as the dealer shuffles and gives the cards manually.

Some games that you can play at live casino tables include:


Blackjack is a recently introduced game on online casinos. It is a game of luck and skills that makes it people’s favorite. In the game, you need to compete against the dealer by getting a hand that totals for more than the dealer’s hand. At any point, if your hand crosses a total of 21, you lose instantly. The bets are placed before the cards are dealt.



Poker is the most played live casino game where you play against other players, and the person with the best five-card combination wins the game. The cards dealt by the dealer, and each one gets two cards (only in Hold’em poker). Now the dealer will reveal five cards on the table that are revealed in 3 rounds called flop (first three cards), turn (fourth card), and river (fifth card). In each round, the players can raise and call the bets based on their best possible combination calculation.

Slot Games

Three Major Slot Games You Should Know About

Slot machines are a part of casinos ever since the beginning. They have been people’s favorite machines because of their colorful lighting and the sound that the machines made in every spin. Today the slot machines have upgraded with digital technology, and there are thousands of themes available for you to enjoy. One thing that has not changed for slot machines is the basic types of games that are available. Even though there are plently of variants for the slot games that are available online, all the slots can be categorized into three types – reel slots, progressive slots, and video slots.

When you are looking for a slot game, the first thing that you have to find out is the features of the game. Know the rules and payout options before you start playing any slot machine, so you do not feel tricked by the machine if you land failure after failure. Paylines, bonuses, symbols, and betting options are the next options that you need to pick to find a good slot machine.

Today the slot machines are available online that one can play on their mobile screens from anywhere. Although all the slot machines are now digitally available, they still follow the same features of the basic three slot types.

Reel slots

Reels are the most common slot machines that you can find in brick and mortar casinos. Online platforms also have reel slots for players who like to keep it traditional. The reel slots are basically the fruit machines with only three reels and up to five pay lines. They do not have any secondary features and offer classic slot gaming. The only option for the players is to decide the size of their bet. When a player spins the reels by pressing a button or pulling a lever, the reel starts spinning. When the reels stop, the combination of numbers or images on the reels gives out prizes if you win, or you spin again.

Reel slots

Progressive slots

Progressive slots are the next traditional slot game type that is only played when they are hot. The purpose of progressive slots is to build up a pot until its brim and give out big rewards to the lucky ones. There are different types of progressive slots. At some point, all the progressive slot machines were linked to each other, but today there are several other ways designed by developers to offer more fun to players. Every time a player joins a game, a portion of their bet is added to the jackpot, which makes it interesting when the machine is hot.

Video slots

Video slots are the newest addition to the slot game genre, which has revolutionized the way people play slot games. Today the slot machines have five reels and more than one hundred pay lines that offer plenty of chances for players to win. There are several themes and storylines that players can enjoy, thanks to the video game developers who add more fun and entertainment to the games. There are also several bonuses and multipliers added to the machines, along with several other features that increase the chance of winning for players more than any other slot game.


A Simple Guide to Playing Blackjack

Playing the game of blackjack opens the door for endless possibilities as the game manages to bring in the right kind of twists and turns. But if one has to win, then they have to learn everything about the game and how it takes shape to provide a conclusive experience. So to get started on the aspect of winning, we are here with a guide that can help you out.

The Main Objective

Trying to beat the dealer is the main objective of blackjack, and everyone needs to get an idea about the same. To fulfil that objective, you will have to draw a higher hand value than the dealer’s or draw a hand value of 21 on the first two cards when the dealer does not do so. Apart from that, if the dealer draws a hand value going over 21, you stand a chance to beat them and get over the game. As a result, your area of focus needs to be towards beating the dealer and nothing else.


Decoding the Hand’s Entire Value

With a deck of 52 playing cards, finding out a hand’s value tends to be achievable in specific ways. If you have face cards of “J, Q, K,” then it all counts as 10 or 2 through 10 that tend to make matters for face value. Due to that, the different scenarios that exploit the idea of a hand’s value stand to be possible when you look into the aspects that count the most.

The Gameplay

The gameplay of blackjack or the many features that it includes needs to be understood if you wish to sit through a round of blackjack. From buying chips to understanding the aspects of payouts, a simple round of blackjack will have everything that you need. Since buying chips is the primary step that lets you sit at the table, you need to begin things with the same. Soon after that, you will have to go ahead and place wagers based on the understanding that you have in mind.

Once you are finished with it, the dealer will come in and place two cards on the table. This opens the door for your strategy as the next steps involved playing the hand. When things move ahead in this direction, the payout option will emerge, and the rest goes according to the way you carry it forward. Due to that, you need to practice the game if you wish to play and succeed.


While the points mentioned above tend to give an idea about the experience of playing blackjack, the real feature comes with practice and how well you grasp the current situation. So consider these aspects and move ahead to make the most from the game of blackjack.

Slot Machines

Choosing the Right Penny Slot Machines to Play

Penny slot machines have always formed a different aspect of importance as players find the game to be interesting and exciting. As a result, they tend to keep playing the same with the hope of capturing the deal they wanted to. But that stands to be impossible if you are unable to pick the right machine. So to help you make matters connect, we are here with a few points that will help you choose the best penny slot machine.

1. The Location

Knowing where a slot machine is placed and understanding its significance is an ideal way to choose the one that counts. So a quick look into the situation will help you understand that slot machines with the best payouts are always near the winning claiming booths. Since the developers and owners want to motivate people to play more, they tend to place these machines at such strategic locations. It is a common aspect that needs to be understood before going out to play slots.

Slot Machines

2. The Types

There are two types of slot machines, and knowing the difference between them will help you get a better understanding of what to choose and how to choose them. The common types are progressive and non-progressive slot machines. While the former talks about machines that are interconnected with other machines, the latter talks about machines that are not interconnected. Due to that, progressive slots offer higher prizes, and thus, people do not usually get a chance to win.

On the other hand, non-progressive slot machines tend to offer players with more odds and small prizes. As a result, the chances of winning and making it big stand to be visible with non-progressive slot machines. So going ahead to gamble with these machines makes more sense than what one could imagine.

3. Higher Bets

Making higher bets is a solid strategy for playing penny slots, and many experienced gamblers seem to agree. Making bets that are larger than $0.01 as they do not unlock the bonus round stands to be the essential idea with which one should play penny slots. But to qualify for the jackpot in hand, one requires to place bets on every pay line, which goes way beyond a penny. As a result, making higher bets is essential for the outcome that you want to achieve.



Understanding the points mentioned above helps you get an ideal start towards winning. But the process also faces problems when things are not placed or followed the way they need to be followed. As a result, acknowledge the outcome and do everything to achieve the same because your chances are all around the corner.


Decoding Craps Pro Secrets of Fours and Tens

The secrets of fours and tens have always managed to leave people puzzled and confused as they try to figure out what it means and what it stands to project. Due to that, one needs to follow the right cues and get hold of the same because such aspects of knowledge can help you out. So to begin that process, we are going to decode all that needs to be done for the same.

Better Odds than 6 & 8

Achieving better odds and making matters more favorable stands to be the ideal way through which pros make stuff happen. Their mind is devoted towards winning, and they try to make it all count for the best. As a result, let us begin by accessing the secret that craps experts use to get better odds than just what 6 and 8 have to offer.

Out of the 36 rolls, the four and ten combinations should roll around six times and the same amount as the seven. So by betting $25 on both the four and ten, you should win six times and also lose six times. Due to that, it will sum up to a net loss of $30. But that alone cannot let matters proceed because there are specific points that come along the way.

The aspect of the commission comes into the picture, and thus the four and the ten can be brought for a 5% commission. But to make matters interesting, certain casinos only charge this figure if you win. So on a bet amounting to $25, the commission is $1, and true odds need to be 2:1. This also relates to the point that if you purchase four and ten and stand a chance to win either number, you will be rewarded with $50 rather than $45.

Due to that, 4 and 10 projects better figures than the results from placing 6 and 8. So by going ahead with 4 & 10, you will be opening the door to win around six times if either of them gets a hit. But that does not eliminate the chances of a loss because things might end up in different directions.

Pro Secrets

Lower Risks

The 4 and 10 options bring lower risks as the results amount to a different form of outcome. Due to that, more craps shooters are trying it out, and casinos that charge vig on winning bets are the ones that are highly targeted. So leave aside the notion that you have towards 6 and 8 because better options are right in front of you. Hence, that sums up the secrets with 4 and 10, and all that you need to know about the same.


Roulette vs. Craps: Picking the Right One For You

Choosing between Roulette and Craps needs to go through a set of points that capture the central part of the process. From understanding the basics to figuring out the complexity behind each game, you need to know it all. So to help you formulate the right decision, we are here with a few points that you need to consider. Hence, go ahead and take a look at them.

Decoding the Basics

The similarities between both these games begin from payout options and go as far as the house edge. While one will never find definitive similarities, you can always get an overall idea of how they stand to be the same. Just like roulette, the craps table also comes equipped with a variety of high and low-risk betting options. Due to that, analyzing both these games tends to move ahead in a path that seems to be alike.

But since craps is all about chance, you cannot get ahead of the game without being aware of potential payouts, odds, and other essential aspects. Being aware of the same will help you get an idea of how to take things forward. Due to that, a little bit of homework needs to be done before going all out to play craps.


Understanding the Odds

One of the biggest takeaways from both these games comes in the form of their horse edge. Even-money bets in craps have a house edge of 1% – 2%, and in roulette, things go up to 5.26%. So conducting a small aspect of analysis will give out the idea that you have a better chance at craps. The favourable options that come with craps are technically advanced, and one will be able to make the most out of the same.

But that alone cannot be the only factor of conclusion because roulette comes right back into it with the fixed house edge advantage. As a result, betting in both these games brings out their own set of pros and cons. So towards the end, it all comes to experience and how you are ready to take it forward.

Shaping Your Gameplay

Understanding what your gameplay would be like with both these games is another crucial way to pick one from the two. As a result, if one begins by looking into simplicity, then craps might take the lead since roulette brings different features and categories that need to be understood. Moreover, the many versions that it includes bring in their side of the story, and you need to learn them. Due to that, picking one from these two options needs to move with your mood and level of understanding. Hence, that sums up the portal of comparisons.